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Woven Satin Bedding





Soft Sage



Luxurious 100 percent  seamless wrinkle free woven polyester satin is smooth and silky, with lustrous sheen for added style . Elegant colors complements variety of décorMachine-washable and dryer-safe on gentle setting for easy care. *Red available in full, queen and king size sheet sets only. Available items below are: sheet sets, bed skirts, pillow cases, pillow shams, waterbed sheets, comforters, duvet covers and special order items upon request. Custom orders welcome!

Comforters: Comforters are reversible to same color.

Duvet Covers: Button up closure.

Sheet Sets: Fits 6-16" Mattress Depths With 6-23" Depth Option (*** depths do not apply) Conventional Sheet Set includes 1 Fitted bottom sheet, 1 Flat Top Sheet & Two pillowcases (1 with twin).

Dust Ruffles: Constructed with a Clean Finish Hem & Split Corners. Prices are for standard ruffled bed skirts with a 14" drop 18" & 21" drop option available below.

Reversible Comforters Cost Item ID#
Twin 67"x92" $74.50 SMFPSCF1
XL Twin 67"x98" $82.50 SMFPSCF2
XXL Twin 67"x101" $82.50 SMFPSCF3
Full 84"x92" $82.50 SMFPSCF4
XL Full 84"x98" $87.50 SMFPSCF5
XXL Full 84"x101" $87.50 SMFPSCF6
Queen 90"x92" $87.50 SMFPSCF7
XL Queen 90"x94 $89.50 SMFPSCF7X
Olympic Queen 94"x92" $89.50 SMFPSCF8
E. King 103"x92" $89.50 SMFPSCF9
Cal. King 93"x103" $92.50 SMFPSCF10
Duvet Covers Cost Item ID#  
Twin 67"x92" $56.50 SMFPSDV1
Full / Queen 90"x92" $64.50 SMFPSDV7
King 103"x92" $73.50 SMFPSDV9
Sheet Sets Price Item ID#  
Crib & Toddler 28"x52" $54.75 SMFSHSCT
Twin 39"x75" $59.50 SMFSHS1
XL Twin 39"x80" $64.50 SMFSHS2
XXL Twin 39"x84" $68.50 SMFSHS3
Three Quarter 48"x75" $71.75 SMFSHS34
Full 54"x75" $69.50 SMFSHS4
Full Sofa Bed *** $69.50 SMFSHS4S
XL Full 54"x80" $74.50 SMFSHS5
Queen 60"x80" $74.75 SMFSHS7
Queen Sofa *** $74.75 SMFSHS7S
XL Queen 60"x84" $81.50 SMFSHS8
Olympic Queen 66"x80" $81.50 SMFSHSOLY
E. King 78"x80" $83.50 SMFSHS9
Cal. King 72"x84" $84.50 SMFSHS10
6" to 23" Fitted Depth $10.50 additional SMFSHS23
Waterbed Sheet Sets Fitted Attached Price Item ID#  
Super Single 48"x84" $59.50 SMFSHA32
Queen  60"x84" $63.50 SMFSHA31
King 72"x84 $66.50 SMFSHA30
Waterbed Sheet Sets Fitted Unattached Price Item ID#  
Super Single 48"x84" $55.50 SMFSHU32
Queen  60"x84" $59.50 SMFSHU32
King 72"x84 $62.50 SMFSHU32
Pillow Cases Price Item ID#  
Standard ea. $22.50 SMFPSPC13
King ea. $23.75 SMFPSPC9
Pillow Shams- Ruffled Price Item ID#  
Standard ea. $36.50 SMFPSPS13
King ea. $39.50 SMFPSPS9
Pillow Shams- Ruffled Price Item ID#  
Daybed 39"x75" $46.00 SMFPSDRDB
Twin 39"x75" $46.00 SMFPSDR1
XL Twin 39"x80" $47.00 SMFPSDR2
XXL Twin 39"x84" $47.00 SMFPSDR3
Full 54"x75" $47.00 SMFPSDR4
XL Full 54"x80" $51.50 SMFPSDR5
XXL Full 54"x84" $51.50 SMFPSDR6
Queen 60"x80" $53.50 SMFPSDR7
Olympic Queen 66"x80" $53.50 SMFPSDROQ
XL Queen 60"x84" $56.30 SMFPSDR8
King 78"x80" $57.30 SMFPSDR9
Cal. King 72"x84" $59.40 SMFPSDR10
18" Drop Option - Make it a 18" Drop $10.50 SMFPSDR18
21" Drop Option - Make it a 21" Drop $15.50 SMFPSDR21

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